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How do I handle this in the least tacky/selfish way?

My fiance and I are getting married this Oct in Canada. The only problem is I currently live in Canada and he lives in America. I'll be moving to America this August and we plan to stay there after we are married. Most of our guests are Canadian and there so many limitations on what you can bring back across the border with you without claiming duty, would it be terrible to just ask for American items online that can be sent to our house? I just worry that if we are over our allowed limit for duty free that everyone's generosity gets wasted. Any Canadian gift cards won't be able to be used in America either!
Could we pick one place online to make it easier? How do we spread the word? I know this sounds horribly tacky already! Ugh! Help!

Re: How do I handle this in the least tacky/selfish way?

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    These days, most people will send you a gift from your registry and not actually bring it to the wedding itself.  When you sign up for your registry, you can select what address you want items from the registry to be shipped to, so just use your American address. 

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    I think word of mouth is best here. I bet many guests are aware of the restrictions when crossing the border, but your parents/sister/MOH can let others know if they ask about your registry.
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    both PPs made good suggestions.
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    Sure! Just register at American stores. I *think* some stores have American and Canadian branches and you can register at both (Crate and Barrel maybe?), then guests can buy on either side of the border. Just list your shipping address as FI's American address.
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    You can also return and re-buy registry gifts.  In other words, Joe gets you a teapot off your registry, you can't cross the border with it, so return the teapot to the store for a store credit and buy the exact same thing once you get home.
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    Thanks so much for the advice ladies!!
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    You could register online somewhere like that lets you pick from any store, and then put your American shipping address. Then, in case anyone still was planning on bringing the gift to the wedding, you could make a homepage on your registry (at least I know you can on explaining in a nice way that you won't be able to carry gifts over the border when you move, so please ship instead. I think people will understand if you say it politely.
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    Bloomingdales and Macys allow shoppers with Canadian credit cards to shop online. We were in the exact same position, and registered at Bloomingdales and many guests shopped there. If you are in Toronto, we also registered at William Ashley, who shipped directly to us in New York. We were so surprised that not only did we not pay crazy duties, we actually got some money refunded (enough for four more place settings of flatware) as the taxes required for non-Canada gifts is different. I'd recommend both of these places. Some stores like Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma have stores in both US and Canada, but you cannot return stuff in Canada and get credit that is usable in the US. Anyway, in the end, duty is not nearly as bad as you think it'll be. We had no problems at all. I'd recommend Bloomingdales though (Canadians seem to think much better of it than Macys, for whatever reason).
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    I am a wedding planner that handles cross border weddings so I deal with this a lot. As a Canadian I was also worried about this same thing but after further research I have come to realize that the U.S. customs is not run off of revenue like the Canadian customs is. What I suggest is that you bring it over in sections, or even when your Canadian family (brothers, sisters, parents) come over they can also bring your things over. 

    If you have legal proof that you are moving to the U.S. (make sure your I-129F is in order) then you can just rent a truck and bring it all over at once, in three years we have never run into a problem. Laughing 

    Good Luck!!!! 
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    My fiance and I are thinking about relocating to Canada and we read online that you can bring wedding gifts across the boarder if it has been within a certain amount of time since your wedding. 

    Info here:

    Hope this helps!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: How do I handle this in the least tacky/selfish way?</a>:
    [QUOTE]My fiance and I are thinking about relocating to Canada and we read online that you can bring wedding gifts across the boarder if it has been within a certain amount of time since your wedding.  Info here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Hope this helps!
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    That might not have helpd OP, but it sure helped me!  FI and I are getting married in the US and then moving to Canada (I'm Canadian, he's American).  I was wondering about the wedding gifts!
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    Thanks so much! Great suggestions!!
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