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how early is too early to send gifts?

What is the norm for this? I have a gift for my friend who is getting married in June. I am about to order it and I am debating whether or not to have it shipped to me or her... If I order it to my place, I am going to have to stop by her house at some point because it is too big to bring to the wedding. Should I just hold on to it for a while? Thanks

Re: how early is too early to send gifts?

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    Have it shipped to her. 

    We got our first gift for our May wedding in December and have gotten several in the interim.  Not a big deal!
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    It's fine to go ahead and send the gift now.  
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    I would ship the gift to her house now.  Our wedding isn't until October and we have had a few gifts sent to us already. 
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    Send it to her home.  You don't need to be invited to a party to give a gift to someone you care about.
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