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Wedding Gift Idea...Need Suggestions

Ok, so my husband and I are going to a wedding in two weeks for one of his high school friends.  I have a general idea of what I want to get for them.  The power goes out a lot during the Winter where they live so I was thinking some nice candle stands and candles, a couple games a bottle of champagne and chanmpagne flutes or coffee mugs and hot chocolate.  If anyone has any other suggestions as to what to add to my gift basket it would be appreciated but what I need the most help with is a cute saying for the card.  I want it to be cutsy and romantic...something that says it's for when the power goes out but...I'm not creative when it comes to that sort of thing...please help!

Re: Wedding Gift Idea...Need Suggestions

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    What did they register for?  Just because the lights go out where they live, doesn't mean that they'll use the candles.

    "When the lights go out, turn each other on?" haha

    Seriously, I think you're taking this a bit far.  It's a wedding gift, it doesn't have to have a theme and it certaintly doesn't need to be romantic.  As the recipient of something like this, I would definitely appreciate the thought, but I would prefer something purchased off my registry.
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    I agree with bbyckes on this.  You're thinking this a bit too much. 

    Why not make them a gift basket filled with items on their registry?
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    Ditto PPs. All the things on our registry were things we really wanted. The nice coffeemaker from an uncle that is objectively a nice gift? Redundant since we got the espresso maker that we'd actually put on the registry.

    If the gift is truly to make them happy and not to make you happy about having been cute and had a theme, go for something on the registry.

    I also think it's nice to give gifts that will last, not candles and food that'll get used up. And if the power really goes out so often, they probably already have stuff to take care of that situation.
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    of course it's on their registry...I'm not going to get them somthing they don't want.
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    I always give money- i think that's the best gift.
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    i dunno. maybe im the odd ball here but i think the idea is cute and different. most gifts are impersonal but its clear here that you put some thought into it. good job. :)
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    Yeah, I liked the idea too. Especially if you are getting some of the smaller things that they registered for and throwing in a nice bottle of wine or something. I think making them a basket from some of the decorative items would be a nice touch, and cute. Maybe throw in a blanket or throw if they have one on the registry.

    I would just put something along the lines of "Just a little something to keep you warm when the winter nights get chilly." That way its not a "lights out basket" but more of a broader gift.
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