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Registry without gifts... is it impossible?

My fiancee after our wedding will be moving out of the country.  Therefore, we don't need any material items.  However, it would be really helpful for our guests to contribute to our honeymoon or simply in cash.  Are there any ideas on how to have guests contribute financially to our future without sounding tacky?  

Re: Registry without gifts... is it impossible?

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    There is no way to ask for money without sounding tacky because it's a horribly rude thing to do.

    Now, you can simply NOT register, and when people ask what you want, tell them you don't need any material items at this time because you are moving out of the country, etc. etc.  Have friends and family spread the word that you'd appreciate cash over a toaster only if the subject comes up.  People will get the hint.

    "No Natalie and Mr.Natalie didn't do a traditional registry because they're moving far away and can't take anything with them.  However, I think they are trying to save up some cash for a nice honeymoon... maybe you can contribute towards that if you want"
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    One of the girls I know said that her and her FI registered at a travel agency so that guests can contribute to their honeymoon. Other than that, all you can do is not register and hope for the best.
    I will say this... I'm one of those people that is uncomfortable giving monetary gifts because my FI and I simply don't have much to give - we usually buy the lower-priced items on a registry. If there are any small items you two need and could register for (maybe luggage, electric shaver, a nice robe, etc.), I would urge you to do so. Sometimes it just makes people like us feel less on-the-spot. 
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