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Talking to my mother? (Long, sorry)

My fiance and I have been dating for almost 4 years now and have been engaged for over a year already.  He did the courtesy of calling my dad and asking permission but because my mom wears the pants in the family and my dad can't breathe without permission, he had to ask her first.  She apparantly said no but my dad didn't agree so he never called my fiance back.  Well he waited a month and then just proposed anyway since he figured it wasn't for them to decide.  Well when I told my mother she flipped out and wouldn't speak to me.  She wouldn't tell any of my family members and forbid me from sending out announcements.  The ONLY reason she doesn't like my fiance is because he doesn't come from a wealthy family and is not a doctor.  She is very materialistic and her entire life revolves around money and spending as much of it as possible on useless things.A year later she still won't evern acknowledge that I'm engaged.  I've given up on ever having an engagement party and probably even a wedding but lately I've just wanted to punch every bride I see in the face (dramatic, but I kind of do).  I want to tell her how I feel but she's the type who won't listen to you on the phone and will hang up on you if you say something she doesn't like.  I also can't talk to her in person because she's very dramatic and will slam doors and get in her car and drive off if she gets upset. So I figure the best way of talking to her about my feelings is through a letter or email, what do you think?

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Re: Talking to my mother? (Long, sorry)

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    lately I've just wanted to punch every bride I see in the faceI feel the same way about everyone around me having babies all of a sudden.I say let the fists fly!!
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    unfortunately i can totally relate to you..i almost feel like you are telling my story...i've been with my bf for 7 years and my mom insists that hes not right for me because his parent are divorced and he is atheist and i was brought up dad supports me and wants me to be happy but my mom wont even acknowledge the fact i am engaged. she says he didnt run it by her first (even tbough he talked to my dad)..she hasnt told any of my family (although they all found out on facebook)...i am considering eloping but i feel that would be giving in to considering having the wedding I want and inviting her to be a breaks my heart to think of what she is doing to my father as she says he obviosuly doesnt care about me otherwise he would be upset as she is (actually he and I have a great relationship and he respects my decision) anyhow I'm just really down on the whole thing and very upset that it seems my mom wont be part of the whole thing
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