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Cleaning & Pressing the Dress

I've already ordered my dress from Lulu's in Dallas.  I'm not sure of what their policy is, but wanted to know...does my dress need to be cleaned and pressed BEFORE the wedding?  Or is that only reserved for after the wedding?  And if you know what Lulu's policy is/if they offer the service, then please let me know!  Thanks!

Re: Cleaning & Pressing the Dress

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    It shouldn't need to be cleaned before. Becky did my alterations and pressed my dress for free beforehand, but I really don't think you need to unless it is horribly wrinkled.

    If you do bridals you may need to get it cleaned/pressed
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    More then likely you won't need to get it cleaned. However, you will probably need to get it steamed. Especially if you have it in the garmet bag for any length of time.

    I don't know Lulu's policy but I do know that if you go to Becky for your alterations she'll press it for you free of charge.
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    I wouldn't get it cleaned and pressed before the wedding for fear of something happening to it.

    I had most of my bridal portraits in a field so I thought I'd have to have it cleaned before the wedding but it ended up being fine, I just had to pull all the little leaves and grass out of it!
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