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Second Weddings

Can't we have the wedding we want the second time around

We are both 51. We are thinking of having are ceremony be more of a mexican themed/decor and the reception which is in a hall directly next to the garden area (where the ceremoney is) more of a whimsical themed event.

I hesitate to use the word theme as we are using colors/flowers and decor we like without worrying if things 'go together'.

I've had some people make a face when I say the ceremony is one 'theme' and the reception is another 'theme'.

I"m over 50 dammit, can't I do what I want?

I am sure hoping the wedding police don't come arrest me.

Re: Can't we have the wedding we want the second time around

  • Of course you can do what you want.  And people will judge what you do, and if they don't like it, they will make a face. 

    If you care what they think, you might listen to their input.   If you only care about what you think, then roll with it and do your thing. 

    Bring us pictures, so we can judge along.  We aren't the wedding police, but we aren't going to blow sunshine up your skirt either.  ~Donna
  • You can have the wedding you want - period you're the one paying for it.

    We blended my Native heritage (our ceremony entrance and readings) with his Mexican and Irish heritage (claddaugh on the cocktail napkins, Mexican wedding cookies).  So you can blend ideas and such just keep the colors close. 
  • Welcome to the board, and congrats on finding the right guy!

    When people inquire into your wedding, tell them you are planning a wedding that is "you", and they should simply wait to see what that is. The ceremony & reception do not have to be the same "theme" (like a kid's birthday party). You are choosing to display all of your sides in each portion of your wedding day.

    If they inquire further, simply say they will love what you choose. Period. End of story.

    Good luck & happy planning.

  • Of course, you can have the wedding you want.  Honestly, if the people who are making faces when you mention a "theme" are in your age bracket, it is an appropriate reaction.  It's just not something people in our generation are used to. 

    Wedding themes are a product of Bravo TV and twenty-somethings.  For those of us who came of age in the late 70s and early 80s, the theme was wedding.  Period.

    Go with your dreams but you may want to accept that you'll get the occasional side-eye from people your own age.  Just sayin' ...
  • My husband And I are planning the wedding we did not have...We were married 7 years ago at the Courthouse and we want to celebrate our Anniversary Date with family and friends. Its a Party -something to celebrate about ...yea I agree with others who posted - IT's YOUR wedding DAY and its a celebration! 
    Some like to party with others -some may say  " oh why don't you two do that alone"
    Tell them  I am planning a party as if it was my birthday or my husband birthday but instead Its our Anniversary!
    So many people divorce faster than they can celebrate and share the special moments of a marriage
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