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MOH has exciting news! :)

My MOH just told me that she is Preggers!!! :) Hooray for her! :)

She has 2 other children and with both of them she was already 2 months when she found out. She just found out yesterday or today... and the wedding is in July. If she really did just get pregnant, she would be about 3 months when the wedding gets here. If this pregnancy is like the other 2 she will be 5 months.

The dress she currently has is this:

The dress that all the other girls have is this:

I think that the dress that all the girls will work better if you are 3+ months, and we can exchange. What do you all think? Overall... I am just so excited for my Best Friend!
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Re: MOH has exciting news! :)

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    How great for your MOH! And good for you for being happy for her! As for the dress, wait til she knows more about her due date. If she ends up needing a new dress (and you can just have her get a maternity style off-the-rack since she doesn't need to match anyone), you should reimburse her for the one she already bought. Congratulations and good luck!
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    That is so exciting! Congratulations to her!

    I think the second one would look better for someone who is over three months pregnant... Like PP said, you should probably wait to find out for sure what her due date is. I know a few people who have returned something they bought to David's Bridal for store credit, so she might be able to do that if she needs a different dress (not sure if it's every store that does this or just a few). 

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    Yay! One of my BM is pregnant too! The wedding is in July and she will be about 7 months pregnant! I just got the girls dresses in yesterday, and she is pretty condident that she will be able to alter it.
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    we can exchange her dress for sure but I want to do it in a timely fashion. I recently ordered a headpiece and the wait time is July 5th for my July 16th wedding! We haven't done any alterations yet. It's just a matter of getting a dress that fits in Watermelon (I purchased matching shoes for all of the girls ). Preferably style 1 or 2.

    And of course I am happy for her! :) She tried a few months ago, with no luck. Then she stopped trying, and here we are! This is great news for her relationship too, b/c her partner really wanted a baby.
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    That is exciting news!  I think the second one would be easier to alter, but if she doesn't need a new one with the rooshing (not sure how to spell that) on her dress it would still be flatering.  I agree with waiting for a little while as well, My MOH right now is 3 months pregnant and she is barely showing and still wearing her same pants.  But I understand you wanting to make sure everything is in place for this happy change.
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    At 3 months, a lot of people aren't showing very much at all, and still wearing their regular clothes, as PP said. Before you do anything with the dresses, she should probably find out just how far along she is/will be at the wedding. While I agree that the second dress is probably a better option (I actually just like it better in general), if she thinks the first one will still work for her, I kind of feel like that's her decision.
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    First off I wouldn't have overruled any decision of dress she made. I was just asking which was better.

    Secondly she is staying with her current dress, which is already too small (we are thinking she is further along than estimated... her doctor's appt is Friday)

    Finally, she has an alterations appt for the last Saturday in June. They are putting Gussets in the sides, to let the dress out.
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    I'd say wait it out as long as possible. How big did she get with her other two kids by that time? Only she knows somewhat how her pregnant body will be. I'm 20 weeks (4.5 months) today, and I'm sitting here typing in my skinny jeans still ( the bump is in, but high). I still wear dresses and clothes from pre-pregnancy more than maternity wear. I think if she isn't one of those to bump out too much before the baby really "needs" too, she'll probably be fine with the gussets.
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    Thats so exciting! Yay you for being a good friend and having a good attitude. :)
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