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to have or not to have BM

I don't want any bridesmaids. My mom says I have to have somebody standing up there with me. Who's right?

Re: to have or not to have BM

  • KnibletKniblet member
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    You don't have to have anyone but your future husband standing with you.  A lot of brides don't have a BP.
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  • jc04100657jc04100657 member
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    Agree, you don't need a BP

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    I am with Kniblet. A WP is not required. Some people say that you need someone to sign the marriage license, but I don't think that is really true anymore in most cases. We had a WP and neither our BM or MOH signed our marriage license.
  • AdeleDazeemAdeleDazeem member
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    If you do need someone to sign the marriage license, then it can be any witness to the ceremony. 

    You don't need a bridal party if you don't want one.  It's much less hassle without one sometimes!
  • calindicalindi member
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    I'm having my brother stand up next to me - I think he wants to be called "Brother of Honor", but I really don't care about the title.  I totally understand what you mean - I don't want a bridal party.  I can't be bothered to have everyone pick out dresses, and make them stand up with me, and deal with the drama of who I picked and who I didn't pick to be a bridesmaid.  My brother's been my best friend since I was 2 years old (when he was born), so it's suiting that he'll be next to me.

    Most people don't even want to be bridesmaids - it's a lot of work, expense, and drama!  I told my FSIL yesterday that I didn't want a bridal party, and she was actually relieved, I think!  I told her that we still wanted all of our siblings involved, so she and her sisters would be asked to do a reading or a poem or something.  And she goes, "I can wear any dress I want?"  I said, "Yep, any dress you want!  I'll give you the wedding colors if you guys want to coordinate somehow, but I wouldn't care if you all show up wearing black, red, green, or even white!!!"  She laughed, said they'd probably wear something in the same color scheme as the wedding colors, and was really glad she doesn't have to worry about bridesmaid drama.  So phew, that's a relief!



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    You absolutely don't need bridesmaids or MOH.  I actually like that idea!
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