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I ordered my MOB dress! Excited! NOW, what for jewelry?

Well, got to go shopping today with my daughter (the bride!) and two of her maids and among other items checked off our list, I ordered my dress! We decided Jade K2296 in Cocoa was the one, although it's doubtful I'll wear the jacket. It makes me age about 20 years and the dress is tank style, with church-appropriate styling. I have been very stressed about this because I'm plus-sized, but really do feel good in this and love the color. Now just have to cross my fingers that is gets here in plenty of time for alterations. Soooo, what do you think for jewelry? Cool earrings and leave it at that? Or does this need a necklace?


Re: I ordered my MOB dress! Excited! NOW, what for jewelry?

  • It's a beautiful dress!

    Because the neckline is low, my inclination is to wear a necklace with it (not because I think it's inappropriate but just because it seems like a lot of empty skin and it might seem "bare" without any jewelry).

    Maybe do a simple necklace--silver?--and then do some cool earrings. If you keep the necklace very simple, you could still get away with wearing more over-the-top earrings if you wanted to.

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  • I like that so much! I might look for it when it's time to get my MOB dress! Where did you find it?
  • Willy, it's gorgeous!!  We MOBs must do everything we can to get rid of that doudy MOB stereotype and that definitely does!

    I think  you could go either way.  Either some killer chandelier earrings and nothing else, or also add some kind of a drop pendent that coordinates with the earrings.  Gorgeous!
  • Thanks, ladies! Isn't that the truth, kmmssg? Yikes, to some of those dresses! I'm like, how old are these brides because obviously the dress companies think their mothers are 90!!!! I really like it and also love all the suggestions! Tanya, it is Jade by Jasmine ... they have it EVERYWHERE at bridal shops and the website is THey really do have a lot of dresses that aren't that dowdy chiffon tent-and-awning look! LOL

    Kickass earrings are next on my list then ... ; )
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    Congratulations! That's a beautiful dress. I would try to coordinate the earrings with the brooch that's on the front of the dress. Or go with a string of pearls and pearl drop earrings.

    I know what you mean about the jacket. Why are they putting all those oddly shaped boleros with everything. They are not flattering if you are short and busty, like me.
  • A simple pearl choker and pearl studs would look good
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    MairePoppy, I so hear you about the jackets ... and this one has a particularly vampire-esque collar going on. I am not into that AT ALL. Unless we get a blizzard in September (hey, it happens in South Dakota!) there is no way in heck I'm wearing it. And the shape of most boleros I tried on was so odd. I'm tall but busty and most of them kind of cut me in half right in the wrong places ... like mid-boob or right under the arm in a weird way. Not good. 

    I think the advice to keep a necklace, if any, very simple is excellent. Coordinating with that brooch should be easy since it is just silver with clear stones. I do have some pearls (my grandmother's), but not sure about the length of them until I can see them with the neckline.

    Thanks ladies!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: I ordered my MOB dress! Excited! NOW, what for jewelry?</a>:
    [QUOTE] The designers think every mom is a dowdy frump who wants to look like a sack of taters. 
    Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    Some women can pull off the tater sack look : )
    <p style="text-align:justify;"><a rel="nofollow" href="" title="Marilyn 02" class="thickbox no_icon"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2599" src="" alt="" title="Marilyn 02" width="175" height="254" /></a></p>
  • LOL, 'tater sack' ... That is what some of those chiffon numbers with the little beaded edges look like. Ick! 

    I think Marilyn could have pulled off just about anything! 

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