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Brother's wife Mess

So I decided to ask my brother's wife to be one of my bride's maids. She is kind of a drama queen and attention seeker, but I thought it would be a nice gesture to invite her to be a bride's maid. She was so excited when I asked her and she wanted to get started planning my bachelorette party, even though it's over 500 days away! She was very excited until I asked my cousin to be my MOH... I got a FACEBOOK message from her telling me that she no longer wants to be in my wedding. No explanation. Just that she doesn't want to be in my wedding. 

I don't know how to act with her...I knew something like this was going to happen with her involved, but I don't know what to do now that it has happened. 


Re: Brother's wife Mess

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    Your brother's wife dropped out of your wedding party... because you asked your cousin to be the MOH?
    Am I missing something?
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    maybe she thought that being asked first to be a bridesmaid meant that you wanted her as maid of honour.  That's the only thing I can imagine.  What does your brother think?
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    Well you asked your BP way too early.  I would ask your brother about it.  And then just let it go.
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    Don't ask your brother-ask her.  Talk to her like a grown up and see what the problem is. 
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    If she's such a drama queen, in your opinion, and she dropped out, just let it go. Be nice. Tell her you understand that she prefers to be a guest rather than be in the wp and that's okay with you.
    And you should probably wait until  6 to 12 months before your wedding until you ask anyone else.
  • agrenhamagrenham member
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    Yeah not a big deal. I guess I asked her so soon because she started asking me who was in the wedding party and I told her that she could be if she wanted. Also my MOH just started calling herself that even before I asked her... which I don't mind because it was kind of a given. We are very close. 

    My brother couldn't care less. He probably has no idea any of this is happening. 

    I'll just forget about it. Thought it would be a nice gesture. 

    Thanks ladies! 
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    Update: found out why she is not in the ceremony. I suggested to her and the MOH to have brown dresses and apparently she doesn't do brown (she is from India and thought it would clash with her skin tone) so she decided she wouldn't be in the wedding. 

    Some communication would be nice but oh well, kind of happy not to have her in the BP
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