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No Maids?

Alright. So I'm a little bit.. clueless to weddings. The only weddings I've ever seen are in movies, on TV, and of course, the Royal Wedding. I just recently became engaged but we've yet to tell anyone. Even so, I've started the planning in my head and I immediately came to a problem -- I, literally, do not have any friends. I have some aquiantances at work but no one I see outside of work. I talk to some people in my college classes but.. we never get together on the weekends.

Is a wedding that doesn't have a wedding party okay..? Or should I ask people to be in my wedding party even if we aren't super close?

Thanks in advance

Re: No Maids?

  • You do not need a wedding party and it could be incredibly romantic and intimate to skip it altogether.  Keep in mind that when you ask someone to be in your wedding party it carries a decent sized price tag for them.  Don't ask people who aren't really close to you to be in the wedding party just to have some bridesmaids.  You don't need them.
  • We are not having a wedding party. We wanted to have a simple, intimate feel to the ceremony, and it's a smaller wedding anyways. There's absolutely nothing wrong with not having a wedding party, and I think it would be pretty awkward to ask people you're not close to, just to fill those roles because you think you "need" to.
  • That's fine- I wouldn't ask someone that I didn't have a relationship outside work or school cause that can get a little awkward.  If you want someone up there, maybe you have a cousin or sibling you are somewhat close to (or even your mom can be your MOH).  Otherwise, as long as you have a witness to sign there is no rule that you need a wedding party. 

  • Don't feel pressured to have a wedding party. I think it's really neat and intimate, and you shouldn't feel guilty at all if that's what you and your FI want.
  • We didn't have one. It was one of the best decisions we made. Zero drama. Hang around on Wedding Party or Chit Chat and you'll see why. Laughing

  • We didn't, and I don't regret that decision at all.  After the ceremony, we went over to our moms and had our moms sign the wedding certificate as the two wedding witnesses, and they got a big kick out of it.
  • I voted and said I'm having a wedding party, but you certainly don't need one. My "wedding party" consists of my fiance's brother and my sister. No matching dresses, suits, any of that stuff. It's been easy to have just two people to deal with, but you know what would be even easier? Having no one to deal with! Don't force yourself into a wedding party if you don't want one.
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  • Thank you for the replies everyone! I've decided to not have a wedding party (unless I magically find my soul sister in the next six months). :]
  • ditto PP, absolutley okay to not have a BP.  Just wanted to add - if your FI has someone he really wants to ask you should support him in that - He can have one or more people while you have zero, that's okay! 
  • No wedding party is required.  Bride, groom, license, officiant ... you're all set.
  • We didn't have one, and although my MIL was upset to begin with, on the actual wedding day no one asked (we actually had people afterwards ask us how many there were, or what color they were wearing, lol). Assuming you're still having a traditional wedding otherwise, the only details we needed to take care of that a wedding party usually does were 1. Having someone hold the rings for us and 2. Having my mom hold my bouquet during the vows. Easy-peasy.
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  • Same problem here. I asked my brother to stand with me instead. It should be fun! The only downside of course is that no one has thrown me a bridal shower or bachelorette party. But that's really nbd anyways.
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  • My (new) friend didn't feel close to anyone but ended up selecting people to be BMs anyway. It was not good for their friendships. I doubt you'd have as much drama as she did, but if you are happy without one, don't pick people you're only kind of friendly with.
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