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We are having a hard time coming up with a song for my FI to dance with his mom to. What song are you/did you use? We haven't found one thats not too mushy gushy so any suggestions are welcome!!

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    He's using "The man you've become" my Molly Pasutti. Love it!
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    I used "May each Day of your life" by Andy Williams.
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    SIL and his mom don't have a lovey-dovey relationship.  They danced to What a Wonderful World.
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    FI's mom has passed away. He is going to suprise my mom and ask her to dance. We are considering Stand by Me or You've got a Friend. Havent really come up with any others that arent mushy.
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    FI picked Simple man by lynard skynard for his dance with his mom! But he also is her only son (actually her only child) like it says in the song!
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