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Parent's gift Idea--need feedback

Hi.  I just ran across this board and thought I'd get some feedback.I'm getting married in January and thought about doing a photobook of both of us growing up (his baby picture next to mine, etc.) with a letter saying how much we appreciate them.  We'd give it to FIL and my parents.Is this too brother/sister like?  I thought about doing two separate ones for each of our parents, but it will cost alot more.  TIA for your thoughts!

Re: Parent's gift Idea--need feedback

  • TruchanaTruchana member
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    Do it on mypublisher.  It's cheap and if you go tot he coupon section, they always have a coupon for a free album!
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    So, do you think it's a good idea??  Or will they think "WTF is this?"  ha!
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    That is a cute idea.  I (MOB) plan on setting up a slide show on CD or jump drive of the bride and groom growing up.  Never thought of printing an album.
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