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FOB & girlfriend not coming, caterer question

That *$%@# sent his RSVP back with his regrets. Petty childish spiteful can't-say-what. On here, anyway. First time I ever said something bad about him to her. But don't have to worry about THAT part of divorce psychology anymore! Naturally, my daughter still has a hope somewhere in her that he'll change his mind. I can't see it happening but can definitely understand. And we're looking at it as there's an awful lot of people who do love her and who will be there for her. They'll be 2 lonely people sitting at home. But, of course, still hurts and she still hopes. No matter what she's saying.Anyway, here's the question. Have to give final head counts in three weeks. Do I keep them in the head count just in case? I'd prefer to have security take them out if they do show up but of course I won't. I'll wait til she leaves the reception :-) I don't want an extra 2 ppl suddenly showing up, and causing a problem food- and drink-wise. What do you think?

Re: FOB & girlfriend not coming, caterer question

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    In order not to engage in WW III with DD's bio mom's family (they don't rsvp and invite uninvited guests - all the time) I ended up paying for an entire table of 8 as some extra insurance for the "just in case they show". I wouldn't change a thing.  My bottom line for you is this:  order dinner for them and have a place for them to sit.  If they show up, you have ensured things will go smoothly and perfectly for your daughter if their motive is to start any drama.  If they don't show, it was cheap insurance. I had much less stress after I decided to just pay for an extra table, and the best part is - once that decision was made, DD didn't have to worry about it, worry about being stuck in the middle of anything, it really gave us both a lot of peace. I'm so sorry her dad is being such a jerk.  I wish you both a beautiful wedding day.
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    The venue will fix food for 10% more people. So if you have two more people, not in the head count, that's not a problem.
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