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I've hit "the zone"!

It's 22 days till the wedding and I think I've hit "the zone" where you feel like a duck in the rain: all the bad stuff just kinda rolls off your back and doesn't faze you at all. Or maybe this is the calm before a total breakdown!! LOL Last nite on our way to the phtotgrapher consult at our location (FI's home), my DD tells me that the BM may have to step down because his mother's cancer has worsened and the doctors only give her a short time yet to live. Sad for them...but I can deal. Then part two came as one of the other gm STILL hasn't gone to the shop to order his suit! Argh! So now we are doing several scenerios of inviting someone else in as a gm; not replacing the BM and giving his suit to the deadbeat gm....blah, blah, blah. *sigh* I can deal..... THEN, we arrive at FI home to find utter chaos!! In the spring, the FIL's decide that the garage is ugly and small, so they are going to build a carriage house (2-car garage w/ a space for a "man cave"). Fine. However, this stupid thing didn't even START construction until a month ago!! I knew this was going to happen. I had told them a new garage wasn't necessary and besides the mess it would make. So here we are, 22 days away from the outdoor wedding and there are piles of junk, sand, stones, etc everywhere....not to mention the large equipment chewing into the yard! ugh. I just tried to recite my mantra...I can deal...I can deal....and just concentrate on the photog consult. I feel frighteningly calm this morning. Just waiting for the impending breakdown....LOL!

Re: I've hit "the zone"!

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    Just go with the calm.  maybe it's because I've been thru 3 DD's weddings, but very little phases me. 11 days before wedding at final fitting, dress doesn't fit AT ALL, alterations screwed up.  DD has no color in her face (that was the worst for me, to see that look on her face). Only 1/3 of flowers ordered for wedding arrive (DIY bouquets) 2 days ahead of the ceremony. The list goes on. I was really surprised how calm I stayed, but in all honesty, it was my faith that kept my mouth shut.  That little voice inside of my head that told me to shut up and give everyone who had messed up the opportunity to fix it.  They all did, and were wonderful.I learned that early and it paid off well.  My girls have looked at me like the Earth was about to explode because of some wedding related thing and I just calmly told them it would be ok and I would take care of it.  Did my best and let it go.Go with the calm.  As long as your DD and FSIL show up with the officient it will all come together.
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    We're 9 days out from DD's reception, and I'm beyond the zone.  I'm into "let's get this show on the road and OVER!" We had a minor issue last night-the colors were somehow communicated differently to every single person involved.  WTF?  We got it straightened out, but I was making phone calls for HOURS.  And during the last call I suddently had this flash of "what if I'M the one who has it WRONG?"  Call dd, and nope, I have it right.  Advice: never send pics of what you want with things vendors must READ.  Because they won't READ the colors you want, they'll just look at the pics and duplicate.   
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