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Some prayers/vibes please

DH goes in for surgery tomorrow morning.  He has herniated disks and they need to be fixed/fused/whatever.  Our surgeon is stellar and has done this many times, but some thoughts and prayers would be most appreciated.The funny part?  Mr. Genius (aka DH) decided to gut our small bathroom and was sure it would be done prior to surgery.  We (he) decided this less than a week ago.  There is some minor structural damage under the tub and this really needed to be done anyway.  We are wanting to sell, someone is interested, and it wouldn't pass inspection without being redone.DH:  "No problem, we'll be able to use the shower by Tuesday.Me:  "Mmmhmm." Knowing full well that while he is blessed to do or fix just about anything, it ALWAYS takes a minimum of 3 times longer than he thinks it will.He came to bed at 3:30 this morning after he and another guy got the underlayment done for the linoleum.  This morning they will put the linoleum down and the plumber will come and install the tub and shower walls.Did I mention he is also committed to rebuild a transmission for a show car that has to be in CA next month?Glad I am at work today.........Rest assured, next time I wring his neck, I will finish the job and this little trip to the hospital won't be necessary.Have a great day everyone!!

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    ::good back surgery vibes:: My DH was in construction for several years between his Army career and his job now with the federal government.  Anyway, I feel ya about how long it takes.  It took him ONE YEAR to completely finish our ONLY bathroom in our little craftsman home.  We were down to 2x4s for a year.  Everything else was done except the wallboard.  I have a 2 for 1 rule when it comes to home renovation.  For every day you think it will take, it will take 2.  For every dollar you think it will cost, it will cost 2.  
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    You don't want my surgery vibes, lord only knows what would happen!Laminectomy or discectomy (sp?) or an full fusion?  That stinks! Good luck and try noto to do too much damage when you wring his neck.
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    PP---same questions about the type of surgery. I've had a disc removed and then a fusion six years later. Now, 5 years after THAT, I'm going to have a spinal stimulator put in. And he's planning to do a transmission next month? Don't think so.Good vibes!! Hey, I'm walking proof that it's okay. Getting the time I did out of it was well worth both operations.
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    Here comes some good vibes ----- Hang in there!
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    Are we married to brothers?  I call my husband the 90% handyguy.  All his jobs around the house are 90% complete.  Tile but no trim...paint and leave the blue tape up...wallpapered everything but behind the fridge cause you won't see it baseboard except the last 2 inches.  gotta love him! sending good vibs, prayers and fairy dust your way...
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    ck - the transmission was for TODAY!!  The car has a problem with the engine, so the october show if off!  YAY! Muffins Mom - he is so anal it is ridiculous.  There is no detail that is left just takes quite some time to get done. If I didn't paint all the way behind the fridge he'd have a cow. He's such a good guy, but he thinks his to do list has no boundaries - and he really isn't gifted with estimating time properly.
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