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Mom's Dress Misfortune - LONG

Hi moms, I am hoping you can offer some advice I can pass on to my mom. She ordered her dress from a reputable manufacturer and a reputable bridal shop. Yes, she did order it late but was assured they would be able to get it to her in plenty of time (by paying quick ship fee). There was even a later ship date for less money but Mom chose to pay more and get the dress sooner. Well fast forward, the dress came in on time and was beautiful. However, the shrug she ordered in the same chiffon by the same manufacturer at the same time the dress was ordered came in in a different color. After 6 days with the shop dealing with the manufacturer, it was admitted that it was cut from different dye lot and now they are saying there is no additional fabric in same dye lot as the dress. And they said they don't have time or fabric to make another dress and shrug out of a different dye lot. So now shop is saying that their seamstress may be able to make a shrug out of the wrap that came with the dress and the wrap from the sample in the store that matches the dress. Do you think this is possible or have any other ideas? My mom is a very large size due to sterioid injections and has a very difficult time finding anything off of the rack. She is especially sensitive about her arms (the dress is sleeveless). She was so happy about this dress and now it is a disaster. We leave for the wedding in 12 days. Please, any help you can offer is really appreciated. I just want mom to feel pretty. Thanks to you all and sending wishes for beautiful weddings.

Re: Mom's Dress Misfortune - LONG

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    If the seamstress says she can do it out of the wrap, I think you should go for it.  What color is the dress?  At David's they have little wraps and shrugs, and maybe rather than going with the same color, she could do a coordinating one?  Or perhaps a lovely pashima that coordinates?  Just trying to think off the top of my head.  Incidentally,  my daughter bought a strapless wedding dress that has a shrug with it.  But the style is just weird.  so, we bought a shrug from David's and had the sleeves cut to 3/4 sleeves.  It's not exactly the same material, nor the same "white" but it's OK.  I took several test pictures in it to see how it was going to look, and it appears to match EXACTLY on film and on digital pictures.  So, if it's not too far off a match . . .  
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    How drastic is the difference in color?
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    If the shop says they ca, you could go with that, or you could take the shrug over to the fabric store and find something that coordinates.  Shrugs are not difficult to zippers, buttons, etc.  The patterns are really fairly simple.  So, I'd check the fabric stores and then let them make something!
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    Could you get a coordinating pashmina that your mom could use?  Sorry for the trouble, and hope your mom can come up with a solution that makes her happy.  GL
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