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Hi All! I am getting married in 17 days and I still have not figured out what to get my mom and the grooms mom as a gift... Does anyone have any suggestions?? We are on an extremely tight budget as well. Is there any typical gifts that the mothers usually get?? Thanks!! ~Erin


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    My daughter is getting married in 18 days, and we have had that very same discussion.  I will tell you what I told her.  The greatest gift she could give me is to have a joyful day and take pictures that show that joy so that I can look back at them and remember with it with love.  I don't want a thing.
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    I feel the same way. DD is having her reception on Saturday, and I told her that I just wanted her to enjoy herself!  She's been sick lately, so it's been really hard on her.  Just to see her having a good time will be a gift enough for me. 
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    I agree. It really isn't necessary to get parents gifts.  I'm pretty sure we didn't do it 20-30 years ago. Write it off as a creation of the "wedding industry." 
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    I got my parents a picture frame for the wall of family picture to put the picture from my wedding in. I also specifically got my mom 5 jordan almonds as she was sad that I did not want to give jordan almonds as favors ( i think they taste nasty) it made her smile.
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