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Progress Report: DD's reception tomorrow!

So, I think I'm about 2 hours ahead of schedule.  After a quick lunch break, I'm going to clean the house (already started, did the dusting) and roast the turkeys.  It's supposed to be hot here today; mid to high 80s, so I went ahead and decorated the front of the house at 7.  Put a coat of paint on the remaining side of the door; it will be hung when DH gets home at 2:30 and the last coat will be put on then.  The flowers arrived from Fifty Flowers (while I was out buying mums and last minute veggies, etc., of course) and they are absolutely gorgeous--I spent a little bit of time pulling them out of the boxes, cutting the stems, and putting them in water.  My sister will arrange them tomorrow morning while my other sister arrives with the cake and assembles the 4 tiers for that.  So, it's just cleaning and assembling food from here on.  I hope my daughter enjoys herself and thinks that everything is wonderful .  That's all I really care about.  Not sure I'll get another chance to update--so have a great weekend ladies!
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Re: Progress Report: DD's reception tomorrow!

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    I have no doubt your DD will enjoy her wonderful day and it will be she has envisioned.  you are a great mom! When DD got married in May and all I wanted was for her to be happy when all was said and done and see what she and her new DH had envisioned. I'll be waiting for the big update when all is said and done!
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    Have fun sweetie!  I know it will be a beautiful day for everyone :)  Can't wait to hear about it and see pictures...
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    Best wishes on'll be beautiful, I'm sure, and she'll definitely think so!
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