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So here's the deal. My son in law to be guilts my significant other (too old to say boyfriend, sounds stupid) into going to Vegas for his bach party. SO drives 6 hours straight from work yesterday. SIL knows around what time and says he'll keep an eye on his phone.Does he answer his phone? Respond to text? NOOOO. For two frigging hours. They had told SO they had a place for him to stay (a tactic used to get him to go). BUT only told him the name of the place. It's a timeshare that belongs to someone else so don't know the name it's under, so can't ask front desk. Apparently they left a key but how are we supposed to know that if NOBODY TELL US? Finally, SIL's brother calls SO and tells him to catch last shuttle at 1AM out to the strip and they'll call to let him know where they are. It's 1252. By now, he's gotten a room at a nearby hotel but still couldn't make it by one. Doesn't matter anyway because they never called him.He just now texted me to say he finally found them, they're going to eat and then he's coming home. 12 hours of driving and sixty bucks for a room so they can have lunch? WTF?!DD is just being thoughtless and scatterbrained. Think she misread the #s.....she said 82 I'm coming up with 102. BIG difference there. Thoughtless is that they got a photobooth and didn't say anything to me. Now, I'm not paying for that part but considering that I AM paying for the rest, just tell me if you do something so I know about it. And don't look like a fool on the wedding day.Apparently I am a checkbook. And checkbooks don't have feelings to get hurt right? Spa day scheduled for me and DD next weekend and I'm seriously thinking of cancelling. But of course I'll keep my own reservation and maybe upgrade my package since I'm not paying for her LOL!Sorry it's so long, had to vent that out.Thanks ladies!
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