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::Oh, Handfast::

Everyone has been sitting around, drinking wine through crazy straws, and waiting to hear how the reception went on Saturday.  Share, please.I've been crazy busy with school this year so I haven't been posting but I have been lurking and reading the posts.  Hope all is well with all my fellow MOBs and MOGs.

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    ditto MOB.  We're all waiting for an update.  Hello-oh-oh-oh-oh out there!!  =)
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    Yeah, I'm on my 3rd bottle!  I was going to post this at 6 am this morning but held off.......details please!!!
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    Thanks for the good vibes all!   Overall, it went very, very well.  Chelsea said it was much better than what she thought it would be, and even better than what she originally wanted in the Baptist church.  She's been getting texts from the guests for the past couple of days saying that it was a great party, the food was good, etc. I hope to be posting pictures in a couple of days, but here are the highlights: It didn't rain until about 3:00 when Chelsea arrived to get ready.  From then on it rained, and rained, and rained.  We had EZ-ups set up outside on my back deck, but it was just so wet that no one even wanted to venture out to my deck because of the pouring rain.  Sunday was beautiful, of course!  LOL! Heard while I was helping Chelsea with her hair and make up:Todd (my DH): Hey Stephen, now that you're all ready, you want a beer? Stephen (Chelsea's DH): Sure!Todd: Ok, they're right over there.     Chelsea and I had to stop putting on her make up because we were laughing so hard.  Todd was making a sauce for the hams, and a turkey gravy, so he was busy, but if you didn't know that, it was pretty funny.Stacy: ::dropping hair dryer on foot::  G-- D-- it!Kelly (Stacy's sister):  STACY!!! Don't SAY THAT!  J----- C----!  You need to watch your language.Chelsea later said that it was probably like us being the Greek family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, because Stephen's parents were just sitting in the corner the entire time, as much as we were trying to involve them, because we're sort of a lively bunch (even though we're not Greek, but Scottish and Native American).  Plus, it might have not been comfortable for Stephen's baptist, very narrow minded folks, as we had people of color, a Buddhist (my sister Leslie), Todd and I are Pagans , there was a Lesbian couple, a recovering heroin addict, and a really broad assortment of folks there.  Not to mention "skellie" our beer cooler that Todd made, shaped like a life-sized coffin with a skeleten that comes out and gets dressed for every party--he was wearing a wedding veil on Saturday!  OOOPA!!!!!   :-) 
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    Sounds like a great day! Congratulations! I've been sucking on crazy straws since Friday so I hope this is typed right LOL.
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    Sounds like my kind of wedding crowd!  It sounds like the rain didn't stop you from having a wonderful day.  We can't wait to see pictures.  I think I'm going to be sleeping with my crazy straw for the next 11 days! 
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