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7 days

If I wasn't going to the spa today, I think I'd leave town. I'm stressed to the point that I'm shaking. Getting non-narc anti-anxiety pills for the 3 days leading up to, and wedding day itself! Even psych and NA sponsor say it's a good idea LOL. It's not really anything wrong with the wedding, I just freak out easily. Alcohol.....lots of alcohol....and spa woohoo! DD bought me some itunes to put in my mp3 for the day.

Re: 7 days

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    Enjoy yourself!  Glad to hear DD did something nice for you.  Don't forget your straw!
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    if I don't have a good time with this, then nothing is going to be LOL. Facial, body peel, massage, whirlpool soak, pediccure, steam.and the massage is 90 minutes long! I'll fall asleep at some point :-) And there's a garden they have me sit in for 30 minutes in the middle of it all. Sigh.............
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    Have a great day at the spa.  As kmm... said, don't forget your straw!
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    Have a great day--and try to think about happy things, not stressful things during your time.  Cheers!
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