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Still no photos...but some details :)

I am resting today...seriously!  It is raining and cold and so I curled up and spent the day in my room with the Tv, all the stuff I recorded on the DVR for the past three weeks, and a box of chocolates.  It's been lovely!The day was just lovely.  It rained on and off i the morning, but cleared in time for pictures.  Heather was beautiful, Gary had a tux that fit, and the people who love us were there.  It was chilly and cloudy, but that's one will be squinting in the pictures :)We did have a few small issues.  We had given the DJ some specific songs on a special CD that Heather wanted.  Apparently, he did not try them out before hand.  So, while she was waiting to go down the aisle, I was dealing with the DJ on substitutes that he had on hand.We also had 20 people not show phone calls no nothing.  If they had contacted us, we could have seated everyone on one level and not had 20 empty seats right around the wedding party table.  Why do people not get that?  I mean, we'd still be out the money, but where are your manners???On that same line, 4 of the people who didn't show were from my daughters workplace.  However, 4 others from the same office that she did  NOT invite showed up.  It was like the original 4 sai, "hey we can't go, go in our place".  How bizarre is that???  I mean, I've heard of some strange things, but that was out there.My quartet sang the song for the couple.  It went really well and I made it through without crying.  I actually didn't cry until the father/daughter dance and then I just lost it.  She picked Dance with Cinderella by Steven Chapman.  I bawled like a baby.Sunday, we had 40 some family and out of town friends for brunch.  They all didn't head home til after 8 in the was wonderful to spend time with them, but I was wiped out.  About 1/2 of those were still around on Monday before they finally cleared out for home late in the afternoon. I worked yesterday, and am vegging today :)It was the most wonderful day, and worth every dime, sleepless night, and detail stress.  I'd do it all over tomorrow...ok, well maybe next week.  In the meantime, I have grown attached to my thermos and crazy straw and intend to keep them handy for the everyday stresses in life :)
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Re: Still no photos...but some details :)

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    MM - that all sounds lovely.  Love that song - hope my last DD chooses it when the time comes.  She was engaged earlier this year and I told her about it but she hadn't heard it.  Unfortunately, they broke it off. Guess I should not be so excited that she has been seeing a young man for a couple of weeks now, huh?  Should probably give them another week or two before I start sizing him up as potential SIL materia. Muffin's wedding day sounds absolutely perfect.  Glad you had a nice day to yourself yesterday.
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    I'm so glad things went well, even with the hiccups that were there.  In the "misery loves company" department: I've seen a lot of posts around the knot lately about some guests not showing up, and others, who weren't invited, showing up.  What the heck is that?  Did people just suddenly lose their dang minds all over this country?   
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    mamamuffin: I'm so with you. One of the two times I cried on DDs wedding day was watching her dance with her dad. It was just so lovely to see the two of them together, heads close together, talking and laughing together. I think that's a memory I'll cherish for a long, long time. Glad everything went so beautifully for you. Enjoy poring over the pictures when they come in! It's cold and rainy here today, with a nor'easter coming in. I could use a thermos......
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    Oh so wonderful!! I'm so happy for you. Don't you wish now you could do it again? Not the planning, just the wedding itself?!
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