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Hello all. First, how do I put pics on here? Computer illiterate that I am. So here's a little more info. I remembered why were laughing when we got to the doorway to begin our walk.While we were waiting to be called I asked her about the something old etc. Well, old and new just fine. Suddenly it's OMG I forgot the borrowed! Turns out it's a bracelet from the MOH---same bday, so same stone---but it's in her car. Throw keys to usher, don't know how he did it this fast, throw it on her wrist. Blue...garter....left in dressing room. Poor usher....then me kneeling because MOH has to go trying to get it on her leg past ten layers of crinoline. Finally just tell her I'm your mom not anything I haven't done before and SHOVE it up her leg.So we're giggling like crazy when we get up there.My father is in poor health. We were worried about him being able to stick it out etc. That man could have gone on til dawn. He was dancing, talking to everyone, even went in the photobooth! His dance with Ashley was so beautiful, I've never seen him smile like that. And they danced to Unforgettable duet with Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole. Ash and Blake danced to Just the Way You Are, Diana Krall version. They had taken lessons so it was pretty cool :-)She played my Springsteen. Danced wiith me to 10th Ave Freeze-Out. He played the wrong version of She's the One. They were furious because they had given him the right one and quite a few people had reminded him. Day after, SIL actually apologized to me. Told him so happy I got ANY at all it was okay.Last, when she said goodbye to me at the end of the night. Such a hug. Such a feeling. When we pulled apart, I kissed her hands and told her I love her, she thanked me for the wedding, for everything. So photos on the way.....

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    Have no idea how to include pics.  Just want to say congratulations for a wonderful wedding.  Many memories to reflect upon for the future. 
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