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I must have gone beyond bored

I just cleaned my SO's cave. Why? Good freaking question. Tunnel vision usually works just fine. Think I just wanted to do something nice for him, but god, lingerie would have been a lot less icky. Why does he have a giant lego Yoda? Why? And why must we keep it? Ahhh that's the point of his cave. I have a Bruce wall, he has a cave. Anyone else insanely bored out there?

Re: I must have gone beyond bored

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    DS would die for a giant Yoda!  DH would find it entertaining.  DS is also the kid who wore the Star Wars tie to his wedding.  I am sure if DS ever gets married Star Wars will be in there somewhere. Yeah, next time do a little retail therapy, buy the lingerie, and close the door to the cave.  I NEVER go in the cave.  Probably why we are still married.
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