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XP: MOG is Officiant

Hi, all, I'm looking for advice/suggestions on what sort of parent gift to get the mother of the groom when we're lucky enough to also have her officiate the wedding.  My FMIL is a minister at a church of a Christian denomination.  My FI and I are not Christian (or religious at all), and asked her, when she offered to officiate the wedding, if she would be able/willing to perform it as a civil ceremony.  She decided that she was comfortable doing so, and her Church higher-ups were onboard, so we're all good to go.

Thing is, I'm wondering if we should do some sort of officiant gift on top of the parent gift. We're planning on getting photo albums for my parents and my FI's dad and stepmom, and will obviously get one for his mom, too, but should we also get her something like what one would typically get for an officiant?  A donation to her church (or would that be even weirder given that she's not marrying us in the church, either the literal building or the religion)?  I mean, we obviously wouldn't just pay her the way you would pay a hired officiant, as I think she'd probably be kind of insulted by that.  We're just not really sure if there's any etiquette that covers this sort of thing.
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