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Ok, I've got 2 questions:

First, my mom is having a hard time finding something that she likes, is comfortable in, and isn't super expensive.  She's not big on shopping, so I'm trying to help come up with some ideas of places for her to look.  Problem is, she's a plus size and so many stores don't carry beautiful, non-frumpy dresses in plus sizes!  I found some perfect styles at Macy's that she would love, but not in her size. Please help! If you have any suggestions of places to look I would be super grateful :)

Second, I know that getting bridesmaids matching jewelry isn't the best idea (they're all beautiful individuals and should be celebrated as such!), but I found someone who makes gorgeous custom jewelry that's affordable.  I'm having bracelets and earrings made for each of them.  The bracelets are matching, but have individualized charms. The earrings are all chandelier style and same colors (to match the wedding), but are each slightly different. I'm also planning on putting each of the girl's jewelry in small clutches (not for the wedding itself). They are the same purse, but in different colors that I know fit each of them. Please let me know if you think this is personalized enough to make them feel special and know that I appreciate everything they have been doing for me.

Thanks for making it through this long post!

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    Lane bryant has some nice dresses, you could also try Fasion Bug Plus. 

    I have seen the Mother Of the Bride wearing a nice pants suit,.  I'm plus sized and I've always found that skirts and pants look much better on me than dresses do.  And you can find some pats sets that the pants are really baggy and end up looking like a skirt.
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    This is where I shop ALOT! I ordered 5 dresses for my daughter's wedding picked 2 and sent the rest back. Some would look outstanding if you get them taylored to your body. For the first time purchase they have great deals you just have to look for them(40% off entire purchase and free shipping was my first one) or sign up for their e-mails, also most dresses come in different colors not just the color they show, if you click on a style it will then tell you other colors that dress comes in.Good luck.

    JCPenny's had 7 different pearl pendants that you can interchange on one necklace, we bought that and 6 necklaces since she has 5 BM, one MOH and 1 Matron of honor. So this worked perfectly for us for one of the gifts for them.

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