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Im going to try and make this long story as short as possible. My FMIL is much more helpful and pleasant to deal with. Although I do not want to hurt my mothers feelings we just dont like any of the same stuff and she is the type that if she picks out something she really like and I dont love it she gets her feelings hurt and will basically throw a pity party. i.e. We have neve both liked a single thing in my entire life.  How can I make her feel included when its really my FMIL and grandmother who will be assisting me with the planning. I know most people have FMIL issues, but in this case its my own mother.  Im trying to make this as pleasant as possible for everyone else but its stressing me out!! 

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    In situations like these, always pick your top 3 and THEN ask your mom her opinion. That way you already picked your favorite ones so whatever one she chooses has a better chance of what your favorite is. If your mom is one that would ignore all 3 of your options and go off on a tangent with something totally different, you need to say "oh, well, it's not usually my style, but I will think about it", if she gets all peeved about you not picking her choice you need to be honest with her and say, "mom, everyone has different styles. Please don't take things so personally when I don't see eye to eye with your opinions." After that, dim down her involvement, if she asks why, then tell her that her "pity party" behavoir in when her opinion gets rejected is the reason she is getting less update on wedding stuff. 
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