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NWR-Anniversary Gift for my Parents

I hope posting NWR posts here is okay; if it is not my apologies, and feel free to move it!

I am an only child, and my parents will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in about a month (yay!)  Since there are a lot of MOBs on this board, as well as I'm sure lots of daughters who have celebrated anniversaries with their parents, I was hoping I could get some feedback on my gift idea for them.

For their 25th anniversary, I was 23 and  working full-time, and I put together a decent surprise party with their closest friends and family at a nice local restaurant.  This time around, I am 28, working part-time, and trying to finish up my graduate degree by early August.  Needless to say, my mental energy for planning things is rather low.

My parents really enjoy taking short trips around New England, to both rural and city locations.  I was thinking for this anniversary, FI and I could take them out to dinner and I could give them a gift certificate for a nice hotel that I think they would enjoy (I'm confident I know their tastes well enough to pick one) and well as a "gift certificate" for us to dogsit their rambunctious new puppy when they go.  I would also write a very nice card (with an actual note, not just signing my name on a Hallmark card).

For my moms on the board, and anyone else, is this sufficient for a 30th anniversary?  Should I shelve it and make a party happen?  Is this an awkward gift to get from your child given the potentially "romantic" implications?  Would you rather get the certificate in advance so that you could use it closer to your anniversary? I know gifts aren't "tit-for-tat," but I am especially grateful to my parents this year since they are hosting a lovely wedding for us, and asking for very little in return.  I'd really appreciate any opinions, and other suggestions are also welcome.  TIA!

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