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MOB ceremony entrance

Okay, here's a tricky one. Daughter is getting married inside of a conservatory with a long pool in the center, seperating two pathways. Guests will be standing on one path. (several chairs are available for the grandparents) Husband is walking daughter down the other path. Do I walk down the guest path alone?

There are no ushers. Here is a pic of the ceremony site.

Re: MOB ceremony entrance

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    Most of your guests have to stand?  IMO, you have bigger issues than where you will be walking.  You need to get seats for all of your guests.
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    Very beautiful!

    Where will the couple exchange vows? How do you feel walking unescorted?  Perhaps one of the groomsmen could escort you.  Perhaps if your have a son, he could escort you.
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    There are no attendants in the wedding, just the bridal couple. We are only inviting immediate family to the ceremony. The ceremony is approximately 15-20 minutes long. The bridal couple and officiant will stand on a small stepped terrace at the end of the pathways. The groom's mother is single. Is it okay if we walk in together?
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    I would say yes to the mom's walking in together.  I would think that would be very nice.  Smile  What about when you walk back down after the ceremony, would your husband have you on one arm and the groom's mom on his other?  It would save her walking back alone.
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    I agree with duckie about making people stand.  There are a number of reasons that this isn't the kindest thing to do to your guests.  The only reason I would change my opinion is if you will have a place for your guests to sit until JUST before the processional.  Then you could have someone alert them that the ceremony is beginning, and could they please make their way to the conservatory?

    Otherwise, here's my experience as a church organist who has been involved in countless weddings.

    People will arrive up to 20-30 minutes before the ceremony begins.  Then, weddings RARELY begin on time.  Let's say 10 minutes late.  Your guests have already been standing for 40 minutes.

    Now add in the 20 minutes for the ceremony.  Your guests have now been standing for 60 minutes.  Now they stand as they wait in the receiving line.  It's a small guest list, so let's say 10 minutes.  Your guests have been standing for 70 minutes.

    Now let's think about the guests who are 5'2" who end up standing behind someone who is 6'4" and they can't see a thing.

    It really is a courtesy for you to have chairs for everyone.

    Now to your original question.  When I was MOG, our son escorted me to my seat, and then I walked out with my DH.  Do you have someone who could escort you in?

    If you want to walk in with MOG, that would be fine.  How will you recess after the ceremony?
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    I am very familiar with the Como Park conservatory and it will be a beautiful wedding site!  I also know you are not allowed to seat guests there, so I would just advise your guests informally that they will be standing for the ceremony so they are prepared.  I know the other pps don't know this about the conservatory.

    I think the idea of walking in with the MOG is wonderful.  I also like the idea of the FOB escorting you both out of the ceremony.
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    I think in this case, it would be fine for you to either walk alone or walk with the MOG.  It sounds like there isn't much need for a formal processional really since there is no bridal party and the only guests are immediate family. 
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    I absolutely love the idea of walking in with groom's mother and both of us being escorted out by my husband. There are several areas inside and outside of the conservatory with benches so people can relax before the ceremony. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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    For a small, short cermony, with no ushers or attendants, I'd say just go in with the rest of the guests then take your place. 

    But I also like the idea of the two mom's walking in together.  It might be nice if the FOB escorted you and the MOG out together, one on each arm.  If there is room on the walkway.
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