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What are some things I can do for the bride to help the day of go well?

Just want to make it easy for her Laughing

Re: What are some things I can do for the bride to help the day of go well?

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    I think that you can just be there for her and hang out. I think that sometimes people try to stay out of the bride's way, but I would have been lonely! My BMs were all so nice and fun and FUNNY. I loved being around everyone.

    Also, II had lunch, but one friend's brought booze. That's was handy.

    Tongue out
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    Bring champagne!
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    Chocolate, brunch.
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    I made a day-of kit for my bff. It never hurts to be prepared.
    Also, remind her to breathe. Make sure she knows that things will not be perfect, but tell here that its okay. Be available to help with anything she (or her family) needs to prepare for the big day. Oh! here is a biggie- MAKE SURE SHE EATS! Had I not ran to the store to make a fruit salad for my bestie, she would not have eaten anything until her reception that night.
    Make sure things are running on time so she isn't late to the ceremony (I had to speed slightly because we were running a tad late). Something I wish I would have done is take a little more care of her mom. Yes, it it the Bride's day, but her mom will be stressing too-wanting the day to be perfect for her little girl. All in all, just be there for her. Be there to support her and hug her and tell her everything will be okay when something goes wrong- because trust me... it will!:)

    Good Luck! :)
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