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XP - Shower Invitations Still Not Sent Out

My bridesmaids offered to throw me a wedding shower. But, one of my friends (Jane) who had to bow out of the wedding party as a bridesmaid offered to organize and send out the invitations. So I sent her the invitation list about three weeks ago. The other day one of my bridesmaids called me to tell me that the invitations still aren't sent out and Jane is using February 13 as her deadline to mail them! I'm freaking out a little because the norm is to send them out at least four weeks ahead of time. My bridesmaid told me that she's thinking about just calling Jane and telling her that she'll send them out herself, but at the same time she doesn't want to step on any toes. What to do? I feel like three weeks isn't long enough. And she has a tendency to be pretty last minute on things. Should I just tell my bridesmaid that she should go ahead an send them out herself? I usually like to take care of things myself, so this is making me really nervous.

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    When is the shower?

    I think it's ok for the bm to call Jane and offer to take care of the invitations. If Jane says she's already started the project, bm could offer to help her out so the invitations are sent out at the four week mark.
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    I would leave it up to your bridesmaids to deal with that way you're not stepping on any toes. Typically speaking when it comes to showers you are basically a glorified guest. You're not suppose to have anything to do with the planning/organizing/throwing of the shower as it is a gift from the people throwing it for you. 

    I know it's stressful and hard not to get in there especially if you're keen on being organized like I am but just try and relax, go with the flow and enjoy it. As the bride that's your only job. :)
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    [QUOTE]They're cutting it close.  Is your mom still living? Perhaps SHE could step in and diplomatically express a concern and offer to "help"? Three weeks is still a respectable amount of time for folks to RSVP.
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    <div>I feel like they're cutting it close as well. Good idea.</div>
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