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I am going to make a toast as the MOH for a wedding I am in this fall, however I really am stuck as to what to say. We are childhood friends, but our lives have taken a different paths during our adult life... I love her like a sister, but I just can't seem to bring any thoughts in the speech that seem special without seeming too sappy or cheesy sounding. I don't want it to be sad, maybe some touching comments, but nothing sad.
Does anyone know of a website or book that I can get some ideas from? Everything I am finding gives lots of examples of best man speeches, but not many MOH speeches. Examples where I can get some ideas from would be great!

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    I don't have any websites to tell you about - but I do have a friend that I've known my whole life that as life went on and we got older, we grew slightly apart.  But I still consider her to be one of my best friends.

    If I was going to be MOH at her wedding, I'd talk about how I'd been blessed to know her for my entire life, and that even though life is taking us in different directions, it's great to get together with her and feel like we can pick up where we left off or still seem close.  That I'd always love her like a sister.  And, of course, that I wish her and her new husband a long and happy life together.
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    You could talk about how you met the bride, a funny anecdote about when you became friends, how you knew she and her FI were a good match, wish them a long and happy marriage. The end:

    "I met Jane 12 years ago when we were in the 10h grade. I knew we'd be friends when it became obvious we both shared a love of horseback riding and Johnny Smith, who sat one row behind us in calculus. Obviously quite a bit of time has passed since then and it's fortunate that things with Johnny never made it past 10th grade, otherwise things might not have worked out with Rob when she met him that night at the holiday party!  It's so clear that they're a wonderful match for each other and obvious to everyone how much love and respect they have for each other. Please join me in wishing Jane and Rob a long a happy marriage!"

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