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I can't decide between two for MOH and am thinking about asking them both to share the responsibilty. Any ideas how to do this? Who walks down the aisle before me? Who stands closest to me? I'm trying to decide if I can make this work....

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    You can definitely make it work. If they are both MOH's, then it really doesn't matter how they walk down the aisle. How many GM are you having? One GM can escort each MOH. You could always have the one you have known the longest walk first.
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    Or if it is between a sister and a friend, your sister would go first, in my opinion. I had my best friend and sister share the responsibility because my sister lives in Scotland and was not around for the planning. But you can definitely have two. 
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    I have 2. My sister is Maod of Honor and my aunt is Matron of Honor. I'm having my sister stand next to me and my aunt stand next to her.
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    I am having 2 MOH in my wedding, and I am not deciding which girl will stand right next to me until right before the wedding.  If you girls both love you they will be happy whether or not they are standing right next to you.

    I think you should ask them both to be MOHs then make the decision about who will stand the closest later.  I do think this is a tough situatino to be in.
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    Speaking from personal experience of being 1 of 2 MOH, make sure their duties are clearly defined...there may be a power struggle.
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    Let me start off by saying that they do not have "responsibilities". MOH and BM are only required to be there on the wedding day.

    That being said, I have 2 MOH. I am having the one closest to me hold my flowers and then 2nd will hold the ring. Other than that.. theres is no difference. They way I picked who stands closer to me is due to the fact that she and I are a tad bit closer.
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