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What to pay for regarding hair,make-up and jewelry for my BM"S

I was thinking of paying for my BM's hair and make-up and have them pick out their own jewelry. I don't want to buy something and have them not like it. Is paying for their hair and make-up sufficient?

Re: What to pay for regarding hair,make-up and jewelry for my BM"S

  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    You can offer to pay for their hair and makeup (most girls will say yes) but some don't like having someone else messing with their hair or applying their makeup.  And I think it's a great idea to let the girls wear their own jewelry.  I did this and no one complained.
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    Is it sufficient as a thank you gift to them for being in the wedding?  Not really, since pro hair and makeup aren't a required expense.  It's certainly nice of you to pick it up (I paid for all of my girls' hair, they opted to do their own make up), but not required unless you're mandating that it needs to be done professionally.

    Even if you're paying for their hair and makeup, you should get them a personal gift of thanks.
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    It's a great thing to do, but I wouldn't call it a gift to them (I know you didn't ask but I wasnt' sure if that's what you were asking).

    And leave it optional to them.  Some people are really picky about who they want touching their face or hair.
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    We paid for manis & pedis the day before and the BP's hair and makeup day of.

    That's not a gift, it's the way you want your attendants look
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    Definitely let them pick their own jewelry and pay for their hair/makeup if you're requiring them to get it done professionally.  But like pp said, don't call it their gift. That's required of you if you're requiring it of them.
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    Yeah, everyone's pretty much covered it. 

    Please don't require pro hair and makeup.  If people want to use it, fine, but don't make them.

    I have a hairdresser who does my hair.  If she can't do my hair, I'm doing it on my own.  And I never have pro make up.  They use far more makeup than I use, and I hate the way I look.

    Anything that is for your wedding day is NOT a gift to your WP.  It's a gift to yourself to provide the look you want for your wedding.
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