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Bad doctor's visit; feeling pressured

So, this is off topic of all the wedding stuff that's usually going on, but I'm having a bad day, and had nowhere else to go. 

I had to see the neurologist today, and I really should know better than to complain at all, it never leads to anything good.  Some days when I get up, though, I can't feel my feet, and then I stumble all around for awhile until they remember, "Oh, we're those lumps at the ends of Kate's legs that are supposed to WORK, dangit!" 

Now he, like my doctor back in Ohio, wants me to have surgery, a nasty hemilaminectomy that involves things like rods and screws and a six month recovery. 

Chris says we can get married in Utah next month.  My family hasn't been involved up to this point, they won't mind... and he's right.  But... I was trying so hard to get out of the doctor's office... there's no way I'll be able to stand and give horses massages for hours at a time after this... there's no way I'll be able to ride Smokey Joe again after this... his previous owner sold him to me after she had a similar surgery. 

I'm so tired.  I don't want this...  there has to be something else... doesn't there?
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Re: Bad doctor's visit; feeling pressured

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    Kristin789Kristin789 member
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    Wow.  I don't know what to say about your situation except you should get yet another evaluation/opinion.

    My mother was told that she would be completely debilitated in a year, and dead within two, if she didn't have heart valve surgery.  The cardiologist seemed WAY too eager to do the surgery and way too dismissive of my questions like "How long is the recovery?"

    She didn't have the surgery - she got a new cardiologist - and she's FINE.
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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    Kate~I'm going to second Kristin's advice for a second opinion.  I'd want to know that every option had been explored before going into major and life-changing surgery.

     I'll keep you in my prayers.  Good luck.
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    Kristin's right. It doesn't hurt to get a second or even third opinion. They'll either confirm what the first doctor told you or offer you other options.

    I'll pray for you too, Kate. Best wishes.

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    Definitely get another opinion. Sometimes you just have to take your health into your own hands instead of totally believing everything the doctors tell you. I know it is sad, but often true.
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    Try chiropractic. I had the same situation after a car accident left me with my legs barely working. There's a therapy called spinal decompression that could work too. I've work in chiropractic for 7 years after it helped save my legs years ago.. PM me if you have any questions, I'd love to help you!!
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