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MOH Indecision

I have three older sisters and it was kind of an unsaid idea that we'd alternate being eachother's MOH. Well now that it's my turn I'm a little upset that it's defaulted to her. I love her so much but since I live far apart from my sister (all of them really) I just feel like she doesn't know me anymore. She likes to mock me and think's it's fun to push me to the verg of tears becaues "I'm so easy to bother" and she tends to critizise the way I look. She'll often tell me I look I'm asking for it because I wear heals to work, things like that, undignified and unnessisary. The point being, everyone thinks she'll be my MOH and I know I should pick her, because she's family, but she just creates so much drama and anxiety. I know I shouldn't let her get to me but this is family, they always get to me. What do you suggest?
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