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are these reliable sites? or

deeply discounted but seem too good to be true and have broken English (some without a phone number). would appreciate any thoughts/testimonials. Thanks!

Re: are these reliable sites? or

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    No, these sites are not authorized retailers of the gowns they well (which means they are knock off gowns).  They try to replicate the dresses in the pictures and these pictures are not of their work rather stolen from the designers websites.  

    Look at:
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    DO NOT TRUST THESE SITES! I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding recently and the bride found a Dessy bridesmaid dress she liked. Since we saw it on for much cheaper, one bridesmaid ordered from the site...since all of the bridesmaids used different sellers, the dresses ended up not matching. You really can't tell in the photos, but they came in different shades and fabrics...and some were made very poorly. If you still want to order the knock-offs, know that you will not get the exact same shades or fabrics, and if you are ordering bridesmaid dresses, all of the bridesmaids should order from the same place to match properly.
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    Early on, when I was looking at pics of dresses. I found a dress that I loved on buyer 100 and the next day the website was completely gone. I wouldn't trust this. 

    If you're looking for reasonably priced gowns, David's Bridal has some beautiful ones. My dress and slip together were $400. 
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    For all the reasons people have mentioned, don't use these sites.

    My Cousins got their dresses at DB and looked lovely.

    I tried venturing out to bridal outlets and got lucky on the first one I visited (loved nearly every dress I tried on). I would exhaust those resources before ordering something from one of those sites.

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