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2 months to go and...half of a wedding party??

So my FI recently decided that he wants 3 GM total including bestman which was a bit stirring since we had originally agreed to a MOH and bestman. (However, it was my original idea to include these extra gentelmen from the beginning so I'm definitely not turning the idea down now!) Well, in my search for BMs I have been turned down since many of my friends are in other states and are unable to take off work. Most of my friends around here I have lost touch with because life has been crazy on their end and mine. I have a MOH and I need to come up with at least one more BM. My FMIL suggested maybe asking our preacher's daughter-in-law. I am semi-close to her and we get along well but I'm worried that it would be weird asking her since I have only known her for a little less than a year. Also, if I do choose her, how do I ask? I'm 60 days away!

Re: 2 months to go and...half of a wedding party??

  • You don't need another BM.  If you have you MOH and your FI has his BM and 2 GM, it's fine.  It won't look weird, I promise.  What will be weird is asking someone to stand up for you 60 days before your wedding and whom you're only "semi-close" with.  It will make her look like an afterthought and may make her feel like a prop instead of someone you really want by your side. 
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  • Yeah, if you ask now she will know she is only being asked to filll a spot and make things even.  That is not a good reason to ask someone to spend that kind of money.  Uneven sides are fine -  please don't ask her.
  • Why do you feel the need to have more BMs just because your FI wants additional GMs?  Your sides do not have to be even and asking now will just make it seems like you are using these individuals as place fillers or props.

  • I agree, I would not ask anyone else at this late date.  Uneven numbers seem fairly common these days. 
  • Yeah, I def don't want to make her feel like she's my last resort! I'm perfectly fine with uneven sides. I guess it's just bothering me because I don't have this huge plethora of women to choose from to take part in my special day. I just need to get over it! Smile  Thank you!!

  • I have been at a wedding where this was the exact situation.  Three groomsmen and one MOH, it looked fine, and no one really noticed anyway.
  • THANK YOU!! I feel much better!! <3

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