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attire for mother???

my mother is walking me down the aisle.. what should she wear??? please help thanks

Re: attire for mother???

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    ditto edie.  Your mom should wear whatever she feels beautiful and comfortable in.  And it's 100% HER decision what she wears.  Good luck to you.
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    Let her choose her own outfit.  
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    Ditto the others.

    Whatever she feels comfortable and beautiful in. It doesn't have to match the length of the BM's dresses or anything.
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    As long as she stays away from white or ivory, she should wear whatever color she feels beautiful in.  Also, if the bridal party is wearing long dresses, she may feel more comfortable following suit.
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    I'm in the "whatever she feels lovely in" camp.
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    [QUOTE]I'm in the "whatever she feels lovely in" camp.
    Posted by Muffin'sMom[/QUOTE]
    Count me in!
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