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I won't kill my mother in law.......

Can I just vent........

So my mother in law requested a totally obscure song for the mother/son dance.  I'm a professional musician, so for me to say its really is.  So myself, my FI, and my father (who is also a professional musician) spent two months looking for the sheet music.  It does not exist.

So I tell her this.  Apologise profusely, and ask her to pick another song.

So, three weeks before the wedding, she picks another, equally obscure song.  My FI and I search for three hours and manage to find the sheet music.  Hooray!!  Unfortunatly, it is now less than two weeks out, the music hasn't arrived, and in the time remaining, it isn't going to happen.  So, we're going to end up plugging a damned iPod in while the professional band sits there during the reception.  Classy.

I don't mind pumping the song in if it is the song she really wants.  What pisses me off is that she is so not appriciative of all the work we have done for this.  We have spent months trying to make this work.  We have tried to write the music out just by listening to it.  This is the ONLY part of my wedding planning that is stressing me out.  And the worst part......I know she's going to complain about pumping the music in.

I just keep telling myself....I won't kill her......I won't kill her.....I won't kill her......

Re: I won't kill my mother in law.......

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    Now I am curious as to what the songs are...


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    Well, she really only has herself to blame for choosing hard to find songs and in a short time period. I know how you feel when it comes to finding sheet music, my cousin had a song she wanted me to play for her wedding and it took me forever to find it, the kicker was she changed her mind a month before her wedding so the practicing I had done along with finding the stupid thing she switches to the traditional Canon in D. It still floors me sometimes. 
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