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Only having a MOH

My fiance and I have decided we want a small, simple, basic wedding. In deciding this we have chosen to each have only 1 attendant. I've always known who my MOH was going to be, and that hasn't changed. My problem is that another very close friend of mine is upset that I am not having more Bridesmaids as she expected to be one of them. I am having a hard time explaining to her that this is our wedding and this is what we decided to do. She doesn't understand why we don't want a big, over the top wedding with 300 guests and 10 attendants each. She is not upset that she is not the MOH, just that I'm not have more Bridesmaids. What to do . . . ??

Re: Only having a MOH

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    Really the only thing you can do is explain to her that's what you want. If she doesn't understand, then that is her problem, not yours. I'm sorry she is putting you in this position. It's your day, and I can't think of any reason why she should feel like it should change for her. It would be awful for her to strain your relationship because she doesn't get her way.

    Maybe ask her to do a reading, or something else if you really want to find some other way to include her.

    But I think it's very important to have the ceremony the way you want to have it... never the way others want it to be.
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    Ditto, just explain to her it's because that's what you really want. 
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    I am in the same situation. I explained the situation. If she's a good friend, she'll understand. Maybe try to put some humor into it... now she doesn't have to be forced to buy a dress she'll never wear again :)
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