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"No, dear!"

I'm getting sick of those words.  My MOH said it best:  "You're mom talks to you like you're ten and mentally incapacitated."

Chris and I had a really cute idea for a guest book... setting up a twine clothesline, and having people hang their names and a bit of advice from it on really fun paper.  We thought we could set everything up on an ironing board; the pens would sit in the ridges of an old washboard, and the papers could go in miniature washtubs.  The whole idea came about because I saw a big old iron washtub at an antique store that I want to use for sodas. 

Keep in mind, our reception is country themed, something I think my mother is trying to erase from her mind.  "No, dear!" she said, sighing.  "That's a good idea for a party, but you want your reception to be a little more formal."

Yes, Mommy Dearest.  Thank you for telling me what I want.

From now on, I'm not telling her ANYTHING.  When she shows up at the reception, it will be cute, it will be funky, it might be a Texas two-step away from a hoedown, but it will NOT be formal. 

Chris and I are paying for everything but the cake, which my father has offered to pay for.  My mother, however, has stepped in and told the baker what I want.  I'm two seconds away from telling her to forget about it and making 150 Death by Chocolate cupcakes with my MIL. 

Now I finally understand why my sister told her she couldn't have anything to do with her wedding.  I totally freaking get it now.  Growl. 

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Re: "No, dear!"

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    Zippy88kZippy88k member
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    That is frustrating. I love my mom so so much, but there have been parts of the wedding where she's dismissed what I've wanted because it's silly (like not wanting to grow my hair out.)

    But at the same time, I do the same thing to her. Like, there are certain things I have my heart set on, and she may not even know that I've made up my mind, and I dismiss the things so quickly that she feels hurt. 

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    AutumnFairAutumnFair member
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    I figured with all your MIL drama that you would have very little contact with her, specially when it comes to wedding stuff.

    Yeah, stop all wedding talk. If she isn't paying then ignore her negative comments and change the subject.

    As for your mom dictating your cake, now you can see why we tell people money=strings. Money is not worth the aggravation that you get when it comes to family controlling certain aspects of your wedding. Some people can just deal with it but to me, I don't like to stress and certain things like a cake just would be worth the stress.
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    My mom does the awkward pause when I suggest something for the wedding she doesn't like.  The silence is so deadly followed by a "Do you really like that?" or a "I'm surprised you like that."  It's not just our moms.  My other friends have moms that are exactly the same way.  I guess they still think mother knows best haha.  I just ignore her.  I love her but she drives me crazy sometimes!
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    lalap69lalap69 member
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    Stop talking to your mom about the wedding.  She can't criticize what she doesn't know about.
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