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    Well...To be fair pregnancy is alot more time consuming than a wedding.  I am only 11 weeks pregnant and I am already sleeping more than I usually do!  Thankfully for me, I got all my wedding planning done by Christmas and all that is left to do is get the dresses and tuxes ordered on time. 

    On the other hand, you both have equally important big days coming up.  Your wedding and her child.  Whether it's Wedding 1 or Child 3 they are always big and important. 

    I would suggest you chat with her and see what she's got going on.  These baby classes she's taking may be more than the usual because there's a complication with the pregnancy and she doesn't want to detract from you and your big day.

    Every pregnancy is different.  Just looking at my sister and I we're different. She was sleepy and crabby alot and for me I am just tired and want the house fully stocked with milk, fruits, and veggies. 

    There's nothing that says a MOH has to do certain things.  My MOH lives in another state so she can't help out much at all.  When I was a MOH the bride was a b-itch in my behind because she expected that when she called or texted that I answered right away the fact I was sleeping or at work was irrelevant.   If it bugs you this much tell your MOH that the baby seems to have a higher priority and you need someone to help so you will ask someone else so she can focus on the baby. 

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    Honey, take the veil off, you're not supposed to wear it before your wedding.

    You are blinded by your wedding.  The wedding day is about you - and your FH - the days before are so incredibly not.

    You have given us a laundry list of things going on in your MOH's life.  We all see how overwhelming things are and see the time constraints.  You need to look at things from her perspective.  The things she has done are generous.  She's trying to plan her life around your pre-wedding parties. 

    I do not see how she is not being a good friend or MOH.  And I don't see a one-sided friendship on her part. 
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    Everything's just all about you, isn't it?
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