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I found my I have to find their's...

Hello! So I found the wedding dress of my dreams! But now I need to find a dress for my bridesmaids. I would like all the girls to wear the same thing, so something that is a-line with a natural waist would be best. My colors are black and pink so I would love for them to wear black dresses. I found two dresses that I really love, but I'm uncertain about them. I would like to make this decision as soon as possible because my girls would like to save up for their dresses and then purchase them later on this year.

Here's my wedding dress:

Here are the bridesmaids dresses I was looking at:

 or this

If you have any other suggestions as well feel free to let me know! Thanks so much in advance for your help!!

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Re: I found my I have to find their's...

  • You look beautiful in your wedding dress.

    I like both bm dresses equally. The second one looks more formal than the first, if that helps you any. What time of day is your wedding? What dress do your bms prefer?
  • First of all, are both of those dresses in the budget that your BMs told you they were comfortable with?

    If so, then are you able to go shopping with any of them to see the dresses in person and have them try it on?  Have you asked their opinion on which dress they like better (after all, they are the ones buying them)?

    Other than that, it's hard to say.  They are both gorgeous dresses, so it really depends on the look you are going for.  I personally like the first one a little better because it's a little more fun and different, it's also something that could be easily re-worn in the future.  But the second one is also pretty and classic, so it's a tough choice.
  • I would let your BMs decide which dress!   If you are getting it in black, it would be easy to wear it again, so see what they say.
  • Wow, your dress is really beautiful and looks great on you. I pretty much agree with everyone else but I wanted to add that I like the second dress better. I'm kind of bigger up top and the first dress would look ridiculous on me I think! That's why you should take your bridesmaids preference into consideration. I think the first dress is adorable but the second dress seems like it would flatter more figures. Also, you might consider letting them pick their own dress with a few parameters. I think this would work really well with black!
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  • I probably should have clarified. We aren't buying the dresses yet. We just wanted to pick one so that they can keep that budget in mind. My bridesmaids have been registered on Weddington Way and ranked those 2 dresses their top favorites. Each of them have expressed to me budgets of $200, but they would like to know what the dress is now so that they can continue to save up until the time they have to purchase the dress.
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    One suggestion - perhaps get everyone to agree on the price they will save up to, and THEN pick the dress when it's around the time they all have the money and are ready to order it. 

    Not to boss you around or anything, but I picked a BM dress wayyyyy in advance and 2 of the 5 girls bought it early to get it out of the way... and then it got discontinued. Luckily I was able to call the salon and they put in a last minute order for the other three girls, but you might not get so lucky. Just trying to save you a possible headache.

    ETA: Your dress looks fabulous on you!
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  • Love your dress!
    Let your bridesmaids pick. They are the ones who have to buy it and wear it. I would also decide on a length, color and fabric and let them pick whatever looks best. They will be happier, more comfortable, and look better in a dress that flatters their specific body style.

    I would also wait until much closer to the wedding. I know you're excited, but nine months is really early to get a bridesmaid's dress. 

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