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Bridesmaids gifts when bridesmaids can't wear jewelry?

Hi all, so I'm trying to figure out bridesmaids gifts for my three bridesmaids (one matron of honor and 2 maids).  Unfortunately, jewelry is against my MOH's religion, so jewelry is not an option...and that also rules out jewelry boxes.  I want to get them something sentimental and not cheesy, but I'm completely at a loss.  Does anyone have any suggestions/has anyone else been in this situation?

Re: Bridesmaids gifts when bridesmaids can't wear jewelry?

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    You need to get them something as if you are shopping for their bday. MOH might not appreciate jewelry, but maybe one of your other bridesnaids will. Do not get them all the same thing unless you think they will all really like it. All of my bms are coming from the east coast for my LA wedding. I'm doing tote bags with some of the same things, candles, a little zipper bag I made for each that can be used for makeup or pens and pencils or whatever, a luggage tag and, then I got them a couple things specifically for each of them. So like a monster sleeping eye mask and a dino tshirt for one of my moh's cuz I know shell love it. A tea thermous and a notebook for another because that's totally her thing. I making a cd for o e of my bms from college with all of the songs we used to jam out to. Obviously she's the only person who would appreciate it and I know she'll love it. Good luck!
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    Follow Michelle's example. Take your wedding out of the equation. What do they like? What are they into? Get them something you would get them if it were their birthday or Christmas. It doesn't have to be sentimental and it doesn't need to be the same thing for all of them. 
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    I was given earrings for the wedding as my BM gift last year.

    It's just hard to feel grateful about an accessory she bought for her wedding.
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