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Mom Vs. Bride- When Mothers of the Bride go to far. what would you have done?

So, my mom came with me to look at dresses and she wanted to try on one (at first). I told her its fine but we can't be here to long because my fiance was down stairs waiting and I wanted to come back for a dress when he wasn't with us. (He was downstairs at the boutique looking at suites.)
Then she kept picking out dresses totaling 7 to try on. I was like come on! I haven't even tried on one because the attendant was helping my mom.  We also didn't have an apoointment and I could tell the girl was getting a little frustrated with my mom.
I finally got a chance to try on three dresses and fell in love with one but I'm afraid to bring my my to any other dress shop.  Should I be more firm with her thats its my day and not hers?

Re: Mom Vs. Bride- When Mothers of the Bride go to far. what would you have done?

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    First, congratulations on your engagement.

    In answer to your last question: Any conversation that begins with 'It's my day so.....' is not going to go well. Your wedding is a big day for your whole family and especially your parents.

    It seems like your mom did get carried away during your first shopping trip. Since you have found a dress that you love, make an appointment at that shop. Make a second appointment for your mom. Let mom know that you would like to focus on your wedding dress, only, for that first appointment. Promise the second appointment will be devoted to finding that special dress for her. Make sure the bridal consultant is aware of your feelings, she may have gone along with mom the first time because she didn't want to lose a sale.
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    I think it's okay to let your mom get a little carried away... she is just excited for you, is all. I would try to reign her in, though, and attempt to set some limits.
    if there is no time, there is no time and "No more dresses today" is going to have to mean no more dresses that day. Be firm, but nice. It might be your wedding day, but your wedding effects every one around you.
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    I agree with Maire's suggestion. Do a day to find your dress and then a day for hers. Your mom went a little overboard with the dresses, just chalk it up as hyper excited MOB and let it go. It also may you and your FI's day but weddings are also about families, how two families are joining together with the uniting of the couple. 
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    You are two years away from your wedding, and your bio says you got engaged two weeks ago.  Take a chill from planning.  Lurk a bit. LEARN a bit.  You're going about things in a way that are bound to make things VERY difficult for you as your engagement continues.

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    You made my wedding day complete.
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    If possible, try scheduling an appt with other moms, aunts, friends of your mom, just to get other opinions.  Moms tend to overbear us with planning and want it all to be their way.  i have gotten mad at my mom numerous times pointing out when things are her way, and not mine.  frustrating, but def make appts and you can even go in by yourself.  or what i did before i went it was told my mom that i don't want her opinion unless if it is completely hideous beyond all grief, but def have the dress attendant tell you what is good and not good.  they are the pros, and are unbiased with you. 
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