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Help! I have no idea what to get them!  They are providing the reception and rehearsal dinner, So i would like it to be something nice, but my FI and I dont have alot of money.  Would it be weird to give them something after the wedding, even though everyone else in the BP will be getting their gifts at the rehearsal dinner?

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    Our families are getting a framed photo or photo book from the wedding. We are just going to write them a nice note thanking them for everything with note of the gift to come.
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    It is perfectly fine to get them something after the wedding, that is exactly what we did. We were pretty much broke before the wedding. The IL's refused to accept gifts from us anyway (gotta love them). We picked out cool stuff from our HM and brought it back to them.
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    Our parents know that we don't have a ton of money, and mine have told me not to buy them anything. We plan on giving them nice framed photos after the wedding, or seeing if we can get them a good deal on a digital frame. If you don't have much cash, don't worry about getting them something pricey. A nice photo (or something of the like) given with your heart will surely be appreciated. 
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    FI and I don't have a lot of money either but we decided something from the heart was worth much more than a pricy gift.

    We plan to write intimate thank you letters to our parents (thank you for being there as I was growing up, believing in me...yadda yadda) and putting it as the first page of a nice photo album engraved with the date of the wedding (there are some really affordable ones online).  We plan to give these to our parents at the RD, then get them some nice prints from the wedding after to put in the album. 
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    I LOVE the idea of a personal letter, or a photobook of the RD and wedding. I use alot!
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