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Wedding Dress Shopping with the future In-law

I have a very outspoken and opinionated future mother-in-law. I have found the dress of my dreams and will be taking her and my future sister-in-law to check it out. I have shown her a picture and she has already decided she hates it. How should I deal with it?

Re: Wedding Dress Shopping with the future In-law

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    Rescind the offer of accompanying you?

    Seriously, go in remembering this:  you can't control what someone else says/does.  You can only control how you respond to them.

    When she says "I hate the dress" you can respond in a couple of ways:

    #1:  "Isn't a good thing that there are so many styles of dresses so that you wouldn't have to wear a style that I love, and I wouldn't have to wear a style that you love?"

    #2:  "I'm sorry to hear that you don't care for it.  But I do, and this is my dress.  I'm sure that <insert her son's name /> will love me in it."

    Just one more point:  have you actually tried on the dress yet?  You might just change your mind when you do.  My DD knew EXACTLY what dress she wanted.  Until she tried on another and adored it and bought it.

    If you haven't actually tried on this dress yet, keep an open mind.  It might be the dress for you, but it might not.

    Good luck
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    Exactly what Trix said.
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    She might hate it in the picture - but love it on you! Give her the benefit of the doubt - but have a back up line just incase she is snippy!! Good luck!!
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    What Trix said!!!  Trix knows all...
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